About us

"ELEKTROMONT" Ltd. company for production, trade and services, was established in 1992. as a family company and successfully operates without any interruption for twenty five years. The main activity of the company, initially, was aimed at foreign trade business and wholesale on the domestic market, all in accordance with the standard for quality management EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Over the years our business policy has resulted in trust, which gave us the big companies and granted us the right to import and distribute their high quality products such as:
- Miviko (cables)
- Fabrika kablova Zaječar (cables)
- Hager (switching equipment, switchboards, power boxes)
- Končar (low voltage switches and fuses)
- Poly (rubbed bowels)
- ELstrom (extension cord and connection cable)
- Aling-Conel (modular and classic program of switches and sockets)
- Nilson (switches and sockets)
- Trgovina Matejić (lighting)
- Plastometalik (polyester boxes)
- Camelion (buttery, chargers, handmade lamps)
such as other products from Tem mandeks, Nopal, Feman, VineksM..

Along with above mentioned, following the market demands, we enter the program of production of electrical installation material.

Production program of "ELEKTROMONT" makes a wide range of products and services intended for measuring and distribution of electricity and can be divided into:

- measuring and distribution box
- construction site box
- empty distribution box
- box on buyer order
- fire protected box


These are all products in the technology witch, trough many years, demonstrated high quality to the satisfaction of our customers and us.

"ELEKTROMONT" continues to expend its offer. We just started doing electrical installation, high and low current, with what we completed our activity. From procurement and production to sale and installation. We possess licence for design, construction and supervision. 

In the hope that you will recognize us as a reliable partner, best regards.

Goran Spadijer, director

We want to be a company that will build its future on the common satisfaction of our customers and employees.


Providing services whose characteristics exceed the needs and requirements of our customers, with continuous training for employees, and at the same time fulfilling expectations of society as a whole. Our mission will be achieved through defined responsibilities for all actions carred out in the company.

Our location:


  • Janka Đonoviđa br. 8
  • 81 000 Podgorica
  • Tel. +382 (0) 20 641 814, 641 914
  • Fax. +382 (0) 20 642 158
  • E-mail. elektromont@t-com.me
  • Gsm. + 382 (0) 67 256 789


  • Adresa: Janka Đonovića 8, 81000 Podgorica
  • Tel: +382 (0) 20 641 814, 641 914
  • Fax: +382 (0) 20 642 158
  • Mob: + 382 (0) 67 523 253


  • Bandići bb.
  • 81 410 Danilovgrad
  • Tel. +382 (0) 77 273 333, 273 334
  • Fax. +382 (0) 77 273 335
  • E-mail. proizvodnja@elektromont.me

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